We believe that the principles applied to healthy food and nutrition should also be applied to skin care.

Edible ingredients & Science

So, when thinking of preparing a wholesome gourmet dinner, what kind of ingredients would you choose? The best ones, of course.

And so would we! Therefore all of our ingredients are of the highest quality - natural, fresh and pure. We also focus on using food grade (edible) quality ingredients over cosmetic grade ingredients. In comparison, cosmetic grade ingredients are no longer suitable for human nutrition.

When designing new products, we start from the thought of how to complement the nutritional ensemble of our skin – just like healthy food. Also, in addition to favoring food grade options we always choose ingredients which have been scientifically proven to support healthy skin.

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No mass production or long storage times

In addition to creating ultimate formulas in terms of potent nutrient levels, we want to go one step further. That step is called freshness. If we love fresh, clean and nutritious food, why would our skin deserve anything less?

Since the very beginning, our products have been artisan made in small fresh batches. Mass production and long storage times are not our cup of tea. At this moment we blend at least one batch of each product monthly. By producing freshly blended products we protect and harness the natural effectiveness and potency of the nutrients. This way we are able to offer you a uniquely fresh and effective skin care regimen.

We proudly produce our products according to demand. This way we can cherish Mother Earth’s valuable resources and minimize waste and any leftover products. We ship products to you from our own laboratory in Finland within 1-1,5 weeks from ordering.

We take pride in serving you only the best – “bon appétit”!

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Our skin care menu

" I love that my skin care products are just as fresh as the food I eat - Gourmet to my skin"

Kirsi Kaukonen- Niki Newd Co- Founder