If you already use the best ingredients in the world, why would you add anything extra?

We want to cherish the skin's own microbiome

About ten years ago we wanted to develop a product containing fresh vitamin C, spring water and grapeseed oil - emulsified with beeswax. During this groundbreaking process we also decided that we do not want to use preservatives nor alcohol in order to change the microbe levels of our skin or to artificially boost the shelf life of our products.

Once again, we wanted to take a similar approach as we do in our nutrition. To solve the issues related to storing water-based products, we became creative. As a result, our water-based Niki Newd products, Skin Cream and Skin Mist, are stored refrigerated. Just like with other fresh products, such as fresh food, a dark and cool fridge is the perfect place for storing! Note – the rest of our products are stored at room temperature.

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In its entirety, we say “no” to all of these:

• No Alcohol
• No Preservatives
• No Additives
• No Synthetics
• No Fillers
• No Added Fragrances
• No Colour Enhancing Ingredients

One might say, that leaving all these out is not an easy task. Well, we have chosen to be bold and haven’t had a single regret about it. This is what makes our products unique. Our customers praise us for the fact that their skin is feeling better than ever.
Ps. We recommend Skin Cream and Skin Mist to be used within 2 months.

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" I love that my skin care products are just as fresh as the food I eat - Gourmet to my skin"

Kirsi Kaukonen- Niki Newd Co- Founder