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Skin Silk Oil serum

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A silky smooth fusion of the finest natural ingredients of the Mediterranean and Nordics.

Boost your skin's radiance with Lycopene pre-retinol, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, Phytosterols and Phenolic compounds.

Natural lycopene, pre-retinol defends against skin aging with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, safeguarding DNA from damage, enhancing cellular functions crucial for improving skin texture, and strengthening skin by inhibiting enzymes that break down collagen. Phytosterols shield the skin from UV radiation damage while promoting collagen synthesis. Vitamin E protects cell membranes and DNA from oxidation.

Skin feel

light and silky in consistency, hydrated, softened. Skin Silk leaves a beautiful light silky skin feel and absorbs very well.
Suited to
all skin types, particularly normal to oily skin, dullness, uneven texture, loss in elasticity, vegans
as a day and night oil serum. Works beautifully also around the eyes. Unisex. 
we have also received wonderful feedback from our customers suffering from atopic dermatitis, acne and rosacea
fresh, herbaceous, hint of berries


I ordered Graceful Mama oil and Skin Silk oil serum, and Oat meal Soap on your advice. I have never used anything so wonderful and felt so good in my life, and my skin started to feel better within days! Best of all, your products have definitely helped with my severe rosacea.

Heli -52, Rosacea

These are the only products for atopic skin that really work and support even in difficult times. I use Oat Meal Soap, Skin Velvet and Skin Silk alternately and Skin Cream, which is absolutely insane.

Kiia -30, Atopic skin

My skin loves Skin Silk oil serum. My skin has got a healthy glow and the fine lines softened plus a scar on my face hardly noticeable anymore.


I ordered Graceful Mama oil and Skin Silk oil serum and Oat Meal Soap on your advice. The products have been very supportive of the acne healing!

Venla -15, Acne

Lovely for night use and the best product I've ever used.

Katja -60

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