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Travel Set

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Is the world your playground? This set is for you.

About this set
Travel light without having to make exceptions to your fresh skin care. Gourmet nourishment for skin during flights and in challenging weather circumstances.
This set contains
Skin Butter 15 g – the richest product of the Niki Newd family. Rich blend of extraordinary moisturising and nourishing components, enriched with natural vitamin E to protect the cells and DNA.
Oatmeal Soap 20 g –Iconic Niki Newd cleanser. Enjoy the luxuriously soft lather of our Oatmeal Soap! Oatmeal Soap gently cleanses your skin from head to toe - also removing make-up.
Soap Case – The Niki Newd® Soap Case is made from unique and sustainable wooden biomaterials
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Niki Newd® Oatmeal Soap 20 g & biodegradable soap case.


Morning and evening, gentle cleansing and heavenly rich nourishment and hydration.

Niki Newd® Skin Butter 15 g 
Morning and evening, warm and mix between your hands and apply with rotating movements onto cleansed face, concentrating on dry skin areas. Works beautifully also around eyes.

Niki Newd® Oatmeal Soap & Travel Case
In the evening, moisten hands with water and lather the soap between hands until smooth foam develops. Massage over face and rinse away with water.

Design from Finland │Niki Newd®
Niki Newd in Gloria Magazine