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Niki Newd Routine-Light-skin-feel


I think one of the most important criteria when choosing products is that the skin care product feels good on the skin. Here I have chosen products that feel the lightest on the skin, but probably more abundant than what you are usually used to.

When choosing any Niki Newd product, you will get plenty of skin care ingredients and antioxidants fresh and ready to strengthen your "antioxidant defense system" and support the important skin microbiome. In addition to this, you can adjust the skin feeling with the amount of used products and customize cocktails from them endlessly. Every day is different.

Love, Kirsi

Niki Newd Skin Care routine


Rinse your face simply with cool water if necessary.

Choose Skin Silk oil serum or a small amount of Skin Glow. Add Skin Mist later to your routine to boost moisture and nutrients to the cream cocktail. All products are suitable for the skin around the eyes as well as for the lips and under make-up.

Niki Newd Skin Care routine


Always cleanse your skin with Niki Newd Oatmeal soap.

Choose an oil serum or customize a slightly richer skin care cocktail of a mixture of cream and a drop of oil serum. Carefully work around your eye area, lips and décolleté. You can spread the excess cream on your hands.

Niki Newd Skin Care routine


Take care of your skin regularly with Niki Newd® skin masks, according to our recommendation of 1-4 times a month.

Regular use enhances the skins ability to
absorb the antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

8 products

Facial Soap │ Niki Newd®Facial Soap │ Niki Newd®
Oatmeal Soap

gentle, all-round

Sale priceFrom 25.00 €
Silky Serum │ Skin Silk │ Niki Newd®Silky Serum │ Skin Silk │ Niki Newd®
Skin Silk Oil serum

berryliscious, anti-age++

Sale priceFrom 70.00 €
Nurturing Oil │ Niki Newd®Nurturing Body and Face Oil │ Niki Newd®
Graceful Mama Nurturing Oil 50ml

nourishing, anti-age +

Sale price68.00 €
Moisturizing Toner │ Skin Care Set │ Niki Newd®Sensitive Skin │ Skin Care Set │ Niki Newd®
Skin Glow & Mist, Cocktailing Set

deep moisture, anti-age+++

Sale price140.00 €
Beta Glucan Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®Brightening Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®
Beta Glucan Skin Mask


Sale price25.00 €
Cocoa Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®Anti age Cocoa Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®
Cocoa Skin Mask


Sale price27.00 €
Coconut Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®Moisturizing Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®
Coconut Skin Mask


Sale price25.00 €
Spruce Sprout Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®Activating Facial Mask │ Niki Newd®
Spruce Sprout Skin Mask


Sale price27.00 €