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We believe in gentle cleansing as one of the wisdoms of daily skin care routines. Niki Newd Oatmeal Soap is unisex and the soap set lasts for 3 months in average when used daily for facial cleaning.

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Facial Soap │ Niki Newd®Facial Soap │ Niki Newd®
Oatmeal Soap

gentle, all-round

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Facial Soap with Sulapac soap case │ Niki Newd®Facial Soap with Sulapac soap case │ Niki Newd®
Oatmeal Soap & Soap Case

gentle, all-round

Sale price45.00 €


I ordered Graceful Mama oil and Skin Silk oil serum, and Oat Meal Soap on your advice. I have never used anything so wonderful and felt so good in my life, and my skin started to feel better within days! Best of all, your products have definitely helped with my severe rosacea.

Heli -52, Rosacea

I would never switch to anything else - Oat Meal Soap cleans so naturally and creates a soft and "open" base for creams, the end result is a "Great Match".

Katja -60

The skin on my cheeks, which is often red and very sensitive, has calmed down and it even feels like the small developing wrinkles on my forehead have vanished. Niki Newd Skin Silk, Skin Glow and Oat Meal Soap are super good. Like world changingly good.

Mia -28

I ordered Graceful Mama oil and Skin Silk oil serum and Oat Meal Soap on your advice. The products have been very supportive of the acne healing!

Venla -15, Acne

These are the only products for atopic skin that really work and support even in difficult times. I use Oat Meal SoapSkin Velvet and Skin Silk alternately and Skin Cream, which is absolutely insane.

Kiia -30, Atopic Skin