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Niki Newd Facials

We have revolutionized natural skin care facials and taken them to a whole new level. Our treatments emphasize the uniqueness of freshness and nutrient-rich ingredients. Antioxidants and healing components are delivered to your skin in their freshest and most potent form. All treatments are customized to cater to your individual needs.

Book your appointment easily online or on-site at the studio. You will receive a confirmation to your email after making the reservation.

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Niki Newd Oat meal foamNiki Newd Skin Mask
Niki Newd Facial 45min

All skin types, anti-age

Sale price105.00 €
Niki Newd ExperienceNiki Newd Nordic Rose infusion
Niki Newd Experience - 75min

All skin types, anti-age, extra massage

Sale price138.00 €
Niki Nwd Skin MaskNiki Newd Skin Honey
Niki Newd Facial & LED therapy 75min

All skin types, anti-age, holistic

Sale price155.00 €
Niki Newd LED TherapyNiki Newd Oat meal foam
LED therapy treatment & Mini facial 45min

All skin types, customized

Sale price95.00 €
Niki Newd Skin HoneyNiki Newd Oat meal foam
Niki Newd Purifying Facial 75min

All skin types, customized

Sale price155.00 €
Niki Newd head massageNiki Newd face massage
Relax and destress massage & mini facial 45min

shoulder, neck, head and face

Sale price89.00 €

Niki Newd


”The standout for us was The Niki Newd Facial treatment. In just 75 minutes it promises to reset your skin and senses with a peel made from locally produced Finnish forest honey and a Spruce Sprout mask.”

"Before the treatment, my skin was dry on the surface and especially my forehead was disgustingly irritated and bumpy. After the treatment, the unevenness of the forehead is gone! The skin on my face is really soft afterwards..."

"The products felt pleasant on the skin, as did their fragrance. However, the best part was that after the treatment, my face looked so smooth and radiant that I didn't need any makeup. Radiance is often promised, but the promise is rarely fulfilled as well as this."