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Skin Glow

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Praised by our gourmet friends who have always struggled in finding a staple product for sensitive and redness-prone skin.

Skin Glow is also hailed as an anti-aging marvel. Featuring a luxurious blend of organic ingredients, carefully chosen to pamper your skin, it softens, protects, and enhances absorption, while Vitamin E shields against UV damage and inflammation, leaving your skin radiant and nourished.

Skin feel
medium-rich in consistency, softening, calming and nourishing

Suited to
all skin types, particularly sensitive and reactive skin, dryness, dullness, redness prone skin, unisex.
as a day and night cream. Works beautifully also around the eyes. Unisex.
we have received positive feedback from customers who have found relief for conditions such as rosacea, atopic eczema, couperosa and psoriasis by using Skin Glow.
mild, warm, hint of coconut


I was looking for help for my aging seborrhea skin and it's really great to see that Niki Newd products brought the desired help: Daily washing with Oatmeal Soap keeps the inflammation away and Skin Glow nourishes my thirsty skin. I couldn't believe it when I saw my refreshed and cheered up face in the elevator mirror on the way to work.

Anna -50, Seborrhea

The skin on my cheeks, which is often red and very sensitive has calmed down and it even feels like the small developing wrinkles on my forehead have vanished. Niki Newd Skin Silk, Skin Glow and Oat Meal Soap are super good. Like world changingly good.

Mia -28

I got the rash on my neck and chest under control in less than a week after using Skin Glow and Mist.

Outi -52

Using Skin Glow my extremely sensitive and aging couperosa skin calmed down and smoothened.

Hanna -60

Now I have healty and glowing skin ! I have always been treating my skin with pharmacy products trying to make my combination skin better. I had been battling with perioral dermatitis with antibiotics but nothing helped untill I began using Niki Newd (Skin Velvet, Skin butter, Oat Meal Soap)! In a month my skin issue was completely cured and I was left with a luxuriously healty, glowing and nourished skin. My skin has never felt this good and I can honestly say that I have never felt this comfortable in my own skin.

Jamilla -32, perioral dermatitis

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